About Cynthia



     Cynthia Bach has been a jewelry designer for 38 years.  After studying art in Munich, Germany Cynthia received her BFA degree in art and jewelry making from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas where she met and apprenticed bench jewelry making with master jeweler Jim Matthews.  In 1989 Jim and Cynthia were recruited by Van Cleef & Arpels in Beverly Hills to run design and fabrication of the jewelry department.  In 1991 Cynthia launched her own collection with Neiman Marcus nationwide.  She has been the recipient of numerous awards from the jewelry industry including the coveted International Platinum Guild Award, the Spectrum Award, and the Couture Award.  Her designs have been recognized and awarded by the American Gem Trade Association.

     She is internationally known and respected and in 2014 was invited to Idar-Oberstein, Germany to judge the New Designer Contest.  In 2015 her work was part of the international traveling exhibition “The Nature of Diamonds” organized by the American Museum of Natural History and sponsored by DeBeers.  An important piece of her work resides in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

      In 2019 Cynthia’s jewelry was featured in Juliet de la Rochefoucauld’s “Women Jewellery Designers”, a magnum opus book of women jewelry designers throughout history.

     “My earliest memories are of a fascination for all things sparkly and colorful.  Right away, I focused on my Mother's jewelry, the vivid hues and reflective qualities of the stones and how the jewelry reacted to my touch, flexible and luxuriant with each piece making its own statement.  Before long I found myself in my own kingdom, royal and remote, surrounded by queens and princesses and ladies of the court.  They were all bedecked in jewels created by my imagination.

     At the library, I sought out regal references containing heraldic imagery and historical explanations.  Soon I was sketching my imaginary creations and adding brilliant colors to enhance the costumes of my fancied entourage.

     My jewelry studies led to a BFA degree with the next step being an apprenticeship served with a master jeweler.  I wanted to do more than dream and paint pictures.  I am still a very much hands-on jeweler / jewelry designer.  My knowledge and abilities as a craftsperson provide me with a broader concept of the piece that I'm creating.

     I still avoid computer design as I feel the ancient techniques of the masters are ultimately reflected in the resultant product.  All of my designs start by hand carving the pattern from a solid block of wax, often accomplished using hand-made tools designed to perform a dedicated purpose and cannot be found in supply catalogues.

     My entire collection is from ethically sourced materials and hand crafted in my studio and workshops in the greater Los Angeles area.  I don't merely make jewelry, I create opulent style and craft potential heirlooms.”